Dear Housekeeping Professional

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the 1st edition of the new HASA Website which we promise you will informative and add value to your Housekeeping needs.This is your website and as such we want you to engage with us on all levels. We want to hear from you with regards to your likes and dislikes, what you want more of and what you want less of

.We will endeavor to focus on matters that will be useful to the development of people in the profession whether they be ‘newbies’ or ‘seasoned stalwarts’.  In addition our content will provide you with insight and information to steer you towards delivering on World Class standards. 

The suppliers to our industry are key stakeholders to your knowledge and ability for you and your team  to perform and deliver on your businesses standards and requirements. No matter whether you are from an Hotel Group, Independent Hotel,  Bed & Breakfast, Guesthouse, Hospital, Shopping Complex, Prison, Caravan Park, Timeshare Accommodation, Game Lodge or Hostel, HASA and its stakeholders are committed to assisting you to achieve your personal housekeeping related objectives.

This website should become your 1st ‘go to’ page in order to find out:

·         Where and when the next HASA event is taking place and what is being offered

·         Training and development information

·         Supplier information

·         Product launches and trials

·         Blogs on a variety of subjects

Wishing you much joy, interaction and value in your endeavours to contribute towards Professionalising Housekeeping !

With warmest and kindest regards