The colour white resembles purity, cleanliness, freshness and comfort. Towels should be soft and fluffy; you must feel like cuddling them when you get out of that steaming shower.

The guest must get the urge to get into the bed when they see crisp, white linen, upon entering the room. Maintaining good, fresh quality line; you need a passionate, dedicated team that has attention to detail.

The Process

Linen is the most important asset in the housekeeping department. It holds the biggest value and therefore it is critical to uphold the correct policies and procedures. Firstly, to effectively manage your department, is to ensure you are working with the correct par stock on all linen items. All linen rooms should have a procedure for the storing, issuing, usage and replacing of linen. Linen items should rest for at least 24 hours before being used again. This will increase the lifespan of the linen. All linen must be stored in a secure room which can be locked. Shelves must be cleaned on a daily basis before fresh linen is placed on it.

All laundries should follow a basic cycle which is maintained:

  • Collecting dirty linen by room
  • Transporting to the laundry

  • Sorting of linen:  separating towels, sheets , pillow cases, duvet covers

  • Loading the washing machines; ensuring the correct detergents and temperatures

  • Unloading of washing machines using a clean trolley (linen should not be placed on the floor)

  • Drying- It is crucial to use the correct temperature and time period. Sheets that are too dry will burn when you iron, also causing discolouring of item. Towels will get very hard and become yellow in colour.

  • Ironing the linen, the operator must ensure that the items are damp. This will remove all creases and the linen will have a great fresh, smooth feel

  • Folding is an important aspect. Sheets are packed in bundles of 20, pillow cases in bundles of 30 and duvet covers in bundles of 25.

  •  From the folding table; the clean, fresh, crisp linen is stored away in the linen room for 24 hours.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t over or under load your machines

  • Linen should not be placed on the floor

  • Don’t over dry linen

  • Don’t mix colours

  • Don’t mix different items like towels and sheets when washing

  • Don’t mix soiled linen with unsoiled linen

  • Do wash the item at the correct temperature

  • Treat soiled linen a.s.a.p

  • Do have the correct amount of items in the washing machine and dryer

  • Iron the items at the correct temperature and time duration.

Take pride in your work, when handling linen!

Article courtesy of Ursula Cupido, Housekeeper City Lodge Group