As I write this newsletter we only have 140 days to the biggest sporting event our country has ever seen!

Did you know that on the 2nd of March 2010 is “Support National Fly the Flag Day which will mark 100 days to kick off?  I sincerely hope that you will proudly display our beautiful flag on your car, person and in your offices!

The housekeepers have been hard at work putting together a working draft document that will assist you to identify the gaps within your department and hotel prior to World Cup.  It is a great document and I thank the housekeepers for sending me all this information.

For your information and assistance I have placed on our website information that will assist you to host a fabulous 2010.

We had an informative talk in December at the magnificent Southern Sun Hyde Park Hotel, our hosts, on Child Prostitution and 2010.   Mr. Graham Wood, MD of Southern Sun, mentioned, in his talk to Southern Sun staff, we have to be so ever careful with our own children during this period, as all the schools are on holiday and we will be at work!  Please remember to take care of our future housekeepers!

There are two areas of great concern to SAPS at the Fedhasa meeting in December 2009, terrorism and theft from hotel bedrooms.  Can you believe that guest safety falls a close second to terrorism!  The areas of concern addressed by SAPS at the Fedhasa meeting in December: theft from guest rooms and child prostitution.

I will over the next month place information pertinent to World Cup and guest safety, you really do not want your hotels and department to appear on the front page of the national papers!

Please embrace soccer Fridays, promote our national team, and remember that we have the most beautiful country where the people are kind, the sun shines 99% of the time and we have you, our most valued housekeepers, making the highest profit in hotels!