Thank you very much to the many delegates that wrote to me following the conference. Your feedback was appreciated and makes all the hard work that goes into running an event a pleasure.

The recession has hit each of us hard - my gratitude to the directors of the various hotel groups and our industry partners for your faith in us.


The YES WE WILL H.A.S.A. 2010 and Beyond Conference is behind us now, but the challenges that face us over the next year will be immense. Challenges require great struggle and enormous sacrifice.  We will need to change our mindset and have courage to take the first step within our departments to change how we think and how others think about us.

Change is not easy, and change takes time.  There will be setbacks, false starts and sometimes we will make mistakes, but as hard as it seems we cannot lose hope.

We hear daily of the negative publicity our great nation receives, some of it true and sometimes urban legends.  However, we have the power within ourselves to make Soccer World Cup 2010 positively memorable.

The work done at the H.A.S.A. Conference to assist us to change from Yes We Can to Yes We Will was successful, however the positives that we gained at conference must be taken to the floor.

I have included on our website some of the lessons that we learned at conference. I know that you are earnestly working on your projects that are due in November.  We gave you the tools at conference, how you use them is entirely up to you.

Good luck with your projects. If you need any help, I am only a phone call away.

Yes we will change, yes we are proud to be South African and yes we are behind our nation's team.

Ke Nako – It is time.